Let’s Get To Work Helping the Homeless…This Holiday Season and Beyond

Hello, my fellow humans.  It feels like a good Friday to send out a couple of links for this holiday season — see the links below and at the bottom of this message.  (If I caught you at a busy time, you can read this message later or go straight to the links below — you will see I have a lot on my mind these days – and I’m guessing I’m not alone in that.)

Link to this week’s song:



Link to Order Hat/Glove sets @ Dollar Days ($15.12 per case – 12 sets per case) To Distribute to the Homeless:



Here are my caffeinated thoughts today if you would like to read at your leisure:

I won’t lie – I am by nature a very optimistic person, but HOLY CRAP — 2016 shattered my heart in so many ways that I can barely express or count, and I know you know what I mean.  Aleppo (the worst of all), Trump, the passing of Prince and Bowie, all the horrible gun violence and racism, the millions and millions of refugees, the Pulse massacre, the Charlotte church massacre, the horribleness of everything that is Trump and Putin and Duterte and Assad…on and on and on…and our inability to stop any of it this year.  The pain of it all is as deep as it gets and the fear of what’s ahead is so real in the hearts of millions.


So, as you probably know, my only response to such massive suffering and uncertainty is the same as it has always been and will always be, I suspect:  Music (CAPITAL M) and Kindness (CAPITAL K)


The first link above (and at the bottom of this message) is today’s Music (thank you, Heart!) – a song that seems particularly appropriate as we end this insane year.


The second link is about the Kindness – specifically to the homeless (if you are able to help).  I admit it – if I have an obsession in this life (along with my love of ice cream, Harry Belafonte, Jon Stewart, pie and Supernatural) — it is human rights and finding a way to help the homeless.

Here’s the deal:

The past couple of weeks I’ve been traipsing around the frigid streets of Manhattan (on my morning and evening commute and as I visit dozens of lonesome cats) —- giving out hat/glove sets to the freezing homeless people I see.   (My reasoning is that if I’m out walking around the city anyway, I may as well make myself useful.)


Right now, when it comes to New York City’s homeless — MAN – talk about “Suffering” (CAPITAL S).   There is no sugarcoating it.  It is a terrible, terrible horror show out there for the homeless.


So, on my commute and elsewhere, as I walk around the city, I listen to Jackson Browne, pass out the hats and gloves from my little blue Whole Foods rolling cart — and I cry.  I see old, sick, worn-out, freezing people in wheelchairs, on crutches, in doorways, on benches, digging through garbage cans, lying in subways – everywhere – with no shoes, no coat, hat or gloves, shivering and alone with an empty cup and sometimes a piece of cardboard.  Then, I walk across 14th Street, up to Penn Station and on to 42nd Street and listen to Paul Simon, Susan Werner, CCR and Marshall Tucker Band and the Allman Brothers and I cry some more.


I barely, barely scratch the surface of the need out there, so I was thinking today that the best way for me to get the word out and possibly help more suffering people — and get more hats and more gloves on more freezing heads and more freezing hands —  is to send out the link to the Dollar Days wholesale website (included at the top and bottom of this message).


The Dollar Days wholesale site is where you can buy a case of hat/glove sets for $15.12 (12 sets in a case).  (There are other sites, but Dollar Days is the one I use.)   The cases are small boxes and the sets are individually wrapped (which is awesome) — so if you would like to buy a case and put a few sets of hats/gloves in your bag as you walk around Manhattan (or wherever you live), you could do that (and please share the link on social media also).


It’s incredibly easy to order a case and hand out a few hat/glove sets walking around NYC ….and the response from 99 percent of the homeless people I meet is Joy like you would not believe. For many, receiving a hat and/or gloves in this bitter cold is honestly like telling them they won the lottery.  In my experience, I have rarely seen such joy as when a freezing person receives a hat and gloves on a freezing cold night sitting on the sidewalk.  (SOCKS too by the way! The homeless need socks badly and you can also order those from Dollar Days as well).


The whole thing is moving — and as messed up as it gets — because you know and I know and every damn person alive knows — that these people should NEVER be sitting out there in the first place.  However, this is the ridiculous and brutal world (and city) that we live in, so I figure all we can do is deal with what is and get our butts to work.


I will mention for those who may be hesitant or apprehensive about approaching strangers, that I am very careful in my travels.  I move along quickly as I walk around doing this (because I am also a realist and I know there can be risks in any encounter), but my experience has been nothing but positive.  I have encountered no hostility, only joy, humanity, gratitude and love.


I also think to myself over and over as I’m walking around that I wish A LOT of other people would be out there doing the same thing — if they have the desire and the information…but then I realize that nobody can help if they don’t have the information (hence the link below).

Sometimes people say that we should keep kind acts to ourselves (because telling others is an ego thing, etc.).  I thought a lot about that and I see their point — anonymous acts of kindness have a definite purpose in this life — but then I think to myself — if I don’t tell people what I am doing, how can anybody copy me?  


I tell people again and again – please don’t praise me – HELP ME and COPY ME.  (Praise is for shit if a homeless person is suffering.)


That is the bottom line:  I really, really, REALLY want people to copy me and do the same thing I am doing (or give to a homeless organization if that is your preference)….because, by myself, I feel like I am less than a grain of sand on 10,000 beaches.  It never, never feels like enough.  If more people join me, we can get a lot more done.

So, there you are, for whatever it is worth.  Thanks for reading all that!


Everything else aside, I hope you can feel all the love I am sending out to you, especially now.  These are damn scary times and I always hope all the people in my life and beyond know that I am a phone call away if your heart is broken or bent or shaky or crying out for comfort in these frightening days.


Perhaps my favorite John Lennon quote is:


“It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love, it matters only that you love’” — John Lennon


I love you.  The best thing about love – I don’t have to know you to love you.  I know the human heart and if yours feels even a tiny percentage of what mine does, then I love you.


Merry Holidays and ESPECIALLY, infinite and endless wishes from my heart to yours for a peaceful, peaceful, peaceful new year.


Stay well and brave out there.





Link to this week’s song:



Link to Order Hat/Glove sets @ Dollar Days ($15.12 per case – 12 sets per case) To Distribute to the Homeless:




(Important Note:  if you are apprehensive to personally distribute items to the homeless, please give to a homeless charity like Coalition for the Homeless — www.coalitionforthehomeless.org   or another organization in your city.)  I know that my way of doing things may not be for everybody, but please (if you can) do SOMETHING.)



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