Love, Trust, Truth and the Minefield of Words in the Time of Trump

It is Valentines Day and I have never felt more in love with being alive. I have never felt more in love with the people who lift me up every day. I have never felt more in love with my cat, my planet, my warm bed, the trees and the grass, the infinite sky, the friends around me, the strangers around me, my healthy body, my sharp mind and my aching, emotional, chaotic, beautiful, nuclear, confusing and confused heart.

I almost always write about what is going on inside me in one form or another, but in these months, these days….it is tough to find words. Words do not come so easily….perhaps because, in these days, words are being used in such powerful, inappropriate, dishonest ways by people in power in a way that I have not seen in my lifetime.

I know that the earth is millions of years old and human life is but a miniscule blip in the whole history of the universe. I also know that dishonesty, manipulation, cowardice, the hunger and greed for great power….these are not new; not even close.

Words are everything to us humans. We depend upon them on Valentines Day and every other day of our lives, from the moment we wake to the moment we go to sleep at night. The wrong word or words can turn one person’s world or the world of a whole nation or a whole group inside out and upside down.

Words are a minefield…especially when we get down to the truth of them. Words can be manipulated in infinite ways to turn fact into fiction or fiction into fact.

Even these words right now, on this screen, will be interpreted by one reader one way and by another reader another way. No matter the words I choose, the interpretations will vary. It is a minefield for sure.

I’ve always known about the very, very dicey nature of words and their use, but never have I appreciated the minefield more than in these times, watching those in our nation with power. The president is at the center of it all and it spreads out in massive waves from him.

World leaders hear the words of our leaders and their instruments and advocates and supporters and opponents and question what is real. Men, women, minorities, Muslims, poor people, wealthy people, middle-income people, children, educators, scientists, corporate people, the media, artists, people from every group there is….feel the powerful uncertainty in the minefield of all the words being used right now.

What is real? Who is telling the truth? What is truth? Who decides what is truth? It is a conundrum because so many regard “the other” as the enemy.   The bankers want the power. The progressives want the power. The lobbyists want the power. The media wants the power. The voters want the power. Every group wants the power. Every group believes they have the answers. Every group wonders what the president will do next and who will be helped and who will be harmed.

Every one of us is looking toward the White House asking ourselves, what will happen next? Will our country be okay? Who will profit from the decisions that are made? Who will suffer from the decisions that are made?   Every one of us is praying that our president knows what he is doing and many, many, many of us (whether we admit it or not) have more fear every day that goes by, that he does not.

The fear is palpable. What will happen next? North Korea. Health insurance. The lives and futures of millions of immigrants. The lives and futures of millions of Muslims. The lives and futures of all of us who pay taxes, who are saving for retirement. The lives and futures of our children on this planet.  The lives and future of all who strive for an education…young and old and in between.  The stakes are so high now that we can barely wrap our mind around the importance of the time we are living in.

The decisions being made now will affect the entire globe for generations to come….and the decisions will be expressed in words. The decisions will be expressed in written words – in the written words of Executive Orders and judicial rulings…and in the tweets of our Commander-in-Chief.   The words will be expressed in all the endless forms of written media – in mainstream media outlets, on Facebook and Twitter and email, on blogs and across the internet.   The words will also be expressed verbally every moment of every day in meetings, at awards shows, on telephones, in sports arenas, on television, in homes, on sidewalks, in offices, in stores, in classrooms, in marches and rallies, on airplanes, on buses, in cars, in Congress, at workshops and conferences, in coffee shops and diners and restaurants and kitchens and everywhere people gather.

One thing that is certain now: we are all talking….A LOT…and we are communicating with words. The question is: which words will rise to the top and become actions that will powerfully impact our lives? Even before the results become evident, how will we know which words are true and which words are being used to manipulate or persuade us by someone who wants power?

How can we trust the words before us? How can we know which of us speaks truthfully and which of us speaks falsely?

I have no answers to all these questions. I have only my gut and my heart….especially my heart. My heart tells me to trust my heart on what is real, what is true…and who is truly authentic, who is truly kind, and who is truly wise, in these frightening times.

My Heart, this Valentines Day, tells me only this: “listen to me more, spread the love inside me more.” More and more and more and more and more.

The words are a mystery, but the authentic love that I feel from many of the people I see around me; the life that I see around me…is real.  The real love inside so many of us – my heart tells me that it is real and my heart tells me that trusting of the heart by each one of us may be part of what is missing in these awful days of uncertainty.

With all the noise, all the zillions of words flying through across our planet, all the greed, all the struggles for power, all the chaos, it is not easy to trust the heart.

Still, as I walk the streets of Manhattan and see the eyes of the people around me….people laughing with their children; children playing with their friends; shoppers chatting with the cashier; couples deciding what’s for dinner; everybody everywhere having countless mundane conversations all around me about everything and nothing, I do sense love. Not exclusively of course, but a lot. I sense a lot of love, most of it from people who don’t feel very powerful these days.  People like me.

I look around me and I see LIFE. I sense the wonder of LIFE. I suppose that is what brings me comfort…the wonder of the LIFE that I see around me every minute of every day.

I don’t know what lies ahead and I get damned scared.   Still, there is always the nagging voice inside my heart telling me to stay brave, stay calm, because something ELSE, something bigger is also going on.

My Heart says to me in the moments when I am most afraid: “Trust me…LIFE will win in the end. Excruciating days will come. Joyful days will come. Still, in the end, keep listening to me, your heart. Keep trusting in me.  Keep trusting in love.  Keep trusting in LIFE. It will be okay.”

I don’t know if the words of the voice in my heart are real, if the words are true.  I don’t know if listening to my heart will really make any of it or even most of it, okay, but my heart tells me to try, at least for now, to listen anyway.

Happy Valentines Day.




2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Daniel Damiano on February 14, 2017 at 7:05 pm

    Eloquently put, Cinda. Thanks.



  2. Thank you my friend!




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